When to Have an Intervention

Are you concerned with the health of a friend or loved one? Have drugs or alcohol taken over their life? If these questions resonate with you, then it may very well be time for an intervention. But when should you have an intervention? Is there a right time? Preparation is needed for a proper intervention, and if you are asking yourself these kinds of questions, now is the right time for intervention and rehab in Sacramento and surrounding areas. However, if you’re still not convinced, here are a few signs that your friend or loved one needs help right now.

Poor Health

Addiction can cause poor health in the addicted individual. It should go without saying that constant abuse of drugs and alcohol will affect a person’s health negatively. If you are noticing a decline in the health of your friend or loved one, it is definitely time to stage an intervention for rehab in Sacramento, CA and surrounding areas. Most addicted individuals live in denial. They may already recognize a decline in their health, but attribute it to something other than their addiction. An intervention is a good time to address health issues and how rehab in Sacramento and surrounding areas can help them heal.

A Rift in Family and Friends

Being addicted to drugs and alcohol can cause the addicted person to lose sight of how friends and loved ones are negatively affected by the addicted person’s lifestyle. Children within a household of addicted parents may endure abuse, neglect, or negative feelings such as anger and guilt. Marriages often end when one partner becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol. Not to mention, the financial burden an addicted person places on others can take its toll on friends and family. If you are affected negatively by your friend or loved one’s addiction, now is the time for an intervention.

Trouble with the Law

Sometimes it takes being arrested for DUI or possession charges to get an addicted person to realize they have a problem. Other times, drug or alcohol related offenses and legal trouble will have no effect on the addicted person. They fail to place the blame on their substance abuse and continue to live as they already do, addicted to drugs or alcohol. Staging an intervention for rehab in Sacramento or surrounding areas with your friends and family will allow you to be open and honest with the addicted person about your feelings. This may be what is needed to finally have them get the treatment they need for a healthier lifestyle. 

This should help you decide if it is time to have an intervention for your friend or loved one. If you have encountered one or more of these issues, contact New Start Recovery Solutions today to inquire about an intervention and rehab in Sacramento, San Jose, and throughout the Bay Area.