When to Check into Rehab Part 1

Something happened to tell you that your drug and alcohol problem has gotten bad. You’re starting to realize that your problem has gone from bad to worse with no sign of stopping or slowing down in sight. Do you check into drug and alcohol rehab in Sacramento now? Or do you wait to find out if you can handle the problem on your own? Every year, millions of Americans need treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, but the percentage of people who actually seek help is miniscule. If you believe your drug and alcohol use is bad, be the change to the percentage and seek help immediately. New Start Recovery Solutions has several recovery centers offering rehab in Sacramento, the Bay Area, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Concord, Berkley, Danville & San Jose.

Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs – Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be physically addicted to drugs or alcohol to need rehab. One telltale sign that you need serious help is if you have ever driven your vehicle while drunk or high. This to a lot of people does not seem like a big deal. However, driving while intoxicated or under the influence is in fact a huge deal. One time driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol can cost you your life or someone else’s. One time is all it takes to change lives forever negatively. If you are having trouble managing your behavior after you use drugs or alcohol, it is time to look into rehab in Sacramento from New Start Recovery Solutions.

Bad news from the doctor – You see a doctor for your yearly checkup. The doctor feels your pulse, takes your blood pressure, all the usual stuff that happens at these things that you have been to your whole entire life. This time, the doctor lets you know that your health has declined seriously since the last time he or she saw you. Maybe you’re having trouble breathing, or your heart beat is not as strong as it once was. He asks you if you have been smoking, drinking, or taking drugs. You know the answer, but you can’t bear to admit it. Your excessive drug or alcohol use has finally caught up. Your habits have taken over and your health and body are reflecting the abuse. Check into rehab in Sacramento immediately. If you want to live, you need to get help with your habits as soon as possible. 

New Start Recovery Solutions offers alcohol and drug rehab in Sacramento, Walnut Creek, the Bay Area, Oakland, Concord, Berkley, Danville & San Jose. If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, seek help now.