How Alcohol & Drug Addiction Affects an Entire Family Part 1

Alcohol & drug addiction can destroy all areas of a person’s life. The destruction also seriously impacts the lives of family and loved ones. Addiction can create long-lasting damage to family dynamics if not addressed quickly. A person who is addicted to drugs will not stop to think about or reflect on their actions. The addicted person will not think about choices or the consequences that may come along with them. This unfortunately causes trauma in personal relationships and often leaves families bearing the weight. But how exactly is the family affected? When is it time to seek out drug rehab in Sacramento and surrounding areas? 

Financial Stress

It is not cheap to feed the habit, whether it is addiction to drugs or alcohol. Most addicts will use every bit of their money to score more drugs or alcohol. Addiction will interfere with function in the workplace and can lead to dismissal. Once the income of an addict is taken away, they will reach out to those closest to them. Family will often be the first source of income after an addict becomes unemployed. After all, families do not want to see their own blood relatives suffer. However, what could be seen as helping a loved one get back on his or her feet, can actually end up going directly to drugs and alcohol. Many families have lost homes, retirement funds, and entire life savings from giving addicted family members money. As a family it is important to recognize when a loved one has a problem and consider alcohol and drug rehab in Sacramento

Dwindling Relationships

An addict’s time and energy is devoted to only feeding the habit. The remaining time, if any, is extremely miniscule for family and personal relationships. The lack of time spent with family and loved ones will completely destroy relationships. Family members will feel a wide range of emotions from bitterness to sadness and can even cause deeper emotional problems like depression and anxiety. New Start Recovery Solutions offers intervention as a start to alcohol and drug rehab in Sacramento. If you are growing apart from a loved one due to drugs or alcohol addiction our centers for alcohol and drug rehab in Sacramento, San Jose and surrounding areas can seriously help.

Alcohol and drug addiction causes serious problems amongst families. If your family is experiencing the effects of a loved one’s addiction, it is time to take the necessary steps to get help. Have New Start Recovery Solutions help you with alcohol and drug rehab in Sacramento and surrounding areas. Contact us today at (866) 303-6275 to inquire about our services.