How Alcohol & Drug Addiction Affects an Entire Family Part 2

As you have read, alcohol and drug addiction affects entire families, not just the addicted person. An addicted person can cause financial strain on his or herself as well as family and loved ones. When the well runs dry funding the habit, an addict will reach out to family first for money. Unbeknownst to the family initially, the money will go towards more drugs and alcohol, instead of helping the addict get life back in order. Along with financial stress, families experience the dwindling of relationships when addict is part of their family. More time getting high or drunk will mean less time for maintaining relationships and will cause family members to experience all sorts of terrible emotions regarding the situation. These are only two of the ways addiction affects an entire family. These situations as well as others are definitely a way to determine it is time to visit Sacramento rehabilitation centers for help. How else can addiction affect families? 

Involvement of Children

Does the addicted person in question have children? How do you think addiction will affect the children? Serious emotional damage is caused from children being around alcohol and drug addiction. All kinds of abuse take place when an addicted person is no longer thinking for themselves. Drug and alcohol controlled personalities may lead to physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse. Many children may never get over the long-term effects of being around an addicted parent. If you can’t stand to see or even think about your children suffering, you need to get the addict help as soon as possible. New Start Recovery Solutions has San Jose and Sacramento rehabilitation centers ready to help your family and the addicted individual overcome addiction and take control of life again.

Spouse or Significant Other

When there are children involved, there is likely a spouse or significant other that suffers as well. Intimate relationships are ruined by addiction. Again, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse can take place. Lying, cheating, and manipulation are all things that the partner may experience from the addict. Although the spouse or significant other may want to stay with the addict for the children’s sake, or to try and help the addicted person get better, the relationship may lead to separation or divorce. Continued neglect over time may make it hard to fix damage later on. Our San Jose and Sacramento rehabilitation centers can bring your family and the addicted individual together for an intervention and full rehabilitation treatment.

For many years, New Start Recovery Solutions has brought families together to overcome alcohol and drug addiction at our San Jose and Sacramento rehabilitation centers. If you are experiencing addiction in your family, call us at (866) 303-6275. We can give you more information regarding alcohol and drug addiction treatment at our East Bay, Walnut Creek, San Jose and Sacramento rehabilitation centers today.